Olen Harri Laihonen ja työskentelen Tutkimusjohtajana Tampereen yliopiston johtamisen ja talouden tiedekunnassa. Ennen nykyistä tehtävääni toimin vuoden 2015 kunnallistalouden professorin sijaisena samaisessa organisaatiossa. Ennen tätä työskentelin tutkijana ja tutkijatohtorina Tampereen teknillisessä yliopistossa.

Hello, my name is Harri Laihonen. I’m a Research Director at Tampere University, Faculty of Management and Business, Finland. For the year 2015 I was an acting professor of Public Financial management. Before that I worked as a researcher and a research fellow at Tampere University of Technology.

Erityisiä mielenkiinnon kohteitani ovat tiedolla johtaminen ja suorituskyvyn kehittäminen. Olen ollut mukana suunnittelemassa ja toteuttamassa useita tutkimus-/kehittämishankkeita, joissa on yhteistyössä yritysten ja julkisten organisaatioiden kanssa tarkasteltu tiedon ja sen johtamisen merkitystä organisaation suorituskyvyn kannalta ja kehitetty välineitä johtamisen tueksi.

My special interest area is knowledge-based performance management. Especially, performance of public service systems is a highly topical area in Finland at the moment. I have participated to planning, implementation and documentation of several development and research projects together with industry partners during the last 10 years.

Pitkän pohdinnan jälkeen päätin perustaa oman blogin. Sellaisen, jonka päätoimittaja olen minä ja jossa voin ajatella ääneen. Koetella omia ajatuksia ja ehkä herättää muissa jonkinlaista reaktiota. Samalla blogi toimii portfoliona, joka kokoaa yhteen tuotoksiani. Tarkemmin voit lukea tekemisistäni Linkedinistä. Akateemisia tuotoksiani listaavat mm. Google Scholar ja Researchgate  Hieman kevympää sisältöäni tarjoavat Twitter ja Slideshare.

This blog is mostly in Finnish because it is my personal channel to participate to public discussion in Finland – I’m the editor-in-chief. However, occasionally I publish also in English as you probably noticed. Most of the same thoughts either are already there in my academic publications or will be there some day. So, if interested, take a look at my publications. You can also follow me in Linkedin, Google Scholar, Researchgate, Twitter ja Slideshare.

I finalized my Ph.D. thesis in 2009 with the title ‘Knowledge flows in health system management’. Thesis was in Finnish but I have published several journal articles on the topic also in English. In postgraduate studies my major was knowledge management. I also hold M.Sc.(Econ. and Bus.Adm.) from University of Tampere.

Alla muutama suomenkielinen opus, joita olen ollut mukana kirjoittamassa. Kuvat toimivat linkkeinä tiedon lähteille. Neljä vasemmanpuoleista ilmaiseksi ladattavissa.






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  1. Dear Harri – I am currently institutionalizing a KM function at a government entity and need assistance in documenting its Governance, Polices & Procedures and an Operating Model. All the material on the net is theory and I need practical documents that I can tailor to the entity. Your assistance in this is highly appreciated.

    • Hi, thank you for contacting me.

      Yes, there are not too many full success stories available. However, I think that partly it is due to the fact that essence of KM is increasingly embedded into managerial practices (see Lönnqvist, 2017) and not something specific that you can separate from the way the organization is operating. This is something that you should consider carefully. Therefore, it is difficult to describe how KM takes place in practice and even more difficult to show the true value of KM when the very essence of the (public) organization relies on knowledge-based value creation. This is of course a researcher’s viewpoint consultant would probably sell you another story.

      Case stories are always valuable but you should be careful when applying the best practices in another context. Especially the softer side of KM is not something that you can just copy from another cultural or organizational context. Certainly, many general principles apply and I think that these are discussed in many academic publications. Despite, those typically do not provide ready answers those still lead the way for creating practices that work in your organization when properly applied and contextualized.

      You may find a useful case story about my experiences with the city of Tampere. Start with this “Strategic knowledge management and evolving local government” and continue with this one “Principles of performance dialogue in public administration”. Again, these do not tell how to do it but will pinpoint some of the issues you need to consider when building KM within a public organization. If you can’t find or access the papers email me and I will send them to you.

      For a more technical orientation, I think there are plenty of interesting readings and guidelines available for example on enterprise architecture. You may find something useful from the website or Ministry of Finance in Finland. These technical aspects are increasingly published, just google EA in public sector or data governance etc.

      Br, Harri

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