In English

Hello, my name is Harri Laihonen. I’m currently a Research Director at Tampere University, Faculty of Management and Business, Finland. For the year 2015 I was an acting professor of Public Financial management. Before that I worked as researcher and  research fellow at Tampere University of Technology. I also have a background in ICT.

My special interest area is knowledge-based performance management. Especially, performance of public service systems is a highly topical area in Finland at the moment. I have participated to planning, implementation and documentation of several development and research projects together with industry partners during the last 10 years.

This blog is, and will be, mostly in Finnish because it is my personal channel to participate to public discussion in Finland – I’m the editor-in-chief. However, most of the same thoughts and research results either are already there in my academic publications or will be there some day. So, if interested, take a look at my publications.

I finalized my Ph.D. thesis in 2009 with the title ‘Knowledge flows in health system management’. Thesis was in Finnish but I have published several journal articles on the issue also in English. In postgraduate studies my major was knowledge management. I also hold M.Sc.(Econ. and Bus.Adm.) from University of Tampere.

You can  follow me in Linkedin, Google Scholar, Researchgate, Twitter and Slideshare.