Reflections from my academic life

They argue that reflective practices improve performance. During the summer you have time to stop for a moment and look back to your achievements. This year I decided to paint a slightly different view on my academic life. Less words at least.

Couple of years ago I gathered all my journal publications into a fourfold table and titled the quadrants as: “knowledge-based value creation”, “performance measurement”, “Intellectual capital/knowledge dynamics” and “knowledge-intensive organizations/managing knowledge work”. These illustrate broad categories of my work during my academic career.

Now I updated the matrix and wanted to share it with you as a reflection of my contributions. You can find the figure at the end my “blog”. Most of the work has been carried out in a close interaction with industry partners consisting also public and non-profit organizations. For me, the practical relevance is a highly important element.

The matrix looked a bit boring and I wanted to make it more personal and interesting. Categorization is a step forward but you can read the same from my cv if you like.

So, I wondered how I can catch more audience. As a knowledge management researcher I know that story telling is a personal way to get attention. So, I decided to tell my story. Only a text-based diary would have been even more boring – I wanted have something else.

Then I came up with an idea of using photos. Academic career has taken me to many nice places where I have met hundreds of interesting people. So, I colored my story with photos and you can now evaluate the result and have a glimpse of my adventures in the academic world.

I have enjoyed my academic journey so far. Let see where it will take me next. There are new papers in the process and the game goes on. I hope this presentation leads to new citations and maybe even to some interesting research collaboration. In this respect, you can take a look at my latest guest editorial, which was just published as an early cite version: “Knowledge-based performance management in twenty-first century organizations

Enjoy the summer and leave also some time for reflection!


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